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Central Coast Concrete Inc. provides ready-mixed concrete for commercial, residential and public infrastructure projects across the entire Sunshine Coast and surrounding islands. Our modern plant use the latest technology, along with advanced dispatching software and GPS fleet tracking to provide a superior customer experience.


Eclipse is a specialized low-shrinkage, self-consolidating concrete for interior toppings.

Eclipse provides all the features and benefits of regular concrete while reducing the potential for shrinkage and cracking that is common to topping applications.

Eclipse also provides greater work ability and flatness.

IDEAL FOR: Interior slab topping.

BENEFITS: Reduces or eliminates cracking, enables flatter slabs, improves productivity and reduces labour.



Architectural concrete mixes are designed for use in conjunction with architectural formwork to create an enhanced aesthetic appearance without sacrificing strength.

Architectural concrete enhances the look of any project.

IDEAL FOR: Exposed vertical columns and walls and flat work or slab on grade.

BENEFITS: Improves surface aesthetics, enhances workability and maximizes surface density.

Available in conventional or self-consolidating concrete.


Exposed aggregate concrete utilizes a colourful polish at the end of the finishing process, the surface of concrete is washed to expose the stone on the surface of the concrete. Colour may also be added to the concrete colouring the paste around the exposed aggregate.

IDEAL FOR: Driveways, sidewalks and patios.

BENEFITS: Improves aesthetics versus traditional concrete mixes.

MAINTENANCE TIPS: Salts and de-icers applied to concrete surfaces (either intentionally for ice melting or unintentionally from road slush) can cause pitting, spalling, and scaling of concrete surfaces.

Cleaning concrete of road salts and application of appropriate concrete sealer is part of normal home maintenance.


Add some colour to your world. Using a computer-controlled batching process for improved accuracy and consistency.

IDEAL FOR: Interior and exterior walls, interior and exterior columns, interior and exterior driveways, interior and exterior sidewalks, and interior and exterior floors.

BENEFITS: 64 ways to add life to your project.

RESOURCES: Colour Card, recommendations & essential sealer is part of normal home maintenance.


Stamped mixes are used in the process of adding texture and colour to make concrete resemble stone, brick, slate, cobblestone, barn-board and many other products.

This limitless array of possibilities with costs that are lower than the actual products, makes stamped concrete the preferred choice.

Stamped concrete patterned surfaces may have reduced resistance to freeze-thaw damage. Protecting the concrete surface with a concrete sealer is recommended.

IDEAL FOR: Pool decks, driveways, patios and walkways, interior floors, gardens and landscapes.

BENEFITS: Unlimited creative design capabilities, improves aesthetics, conforms to an unlimited variety of shapes and surface textures including the traditional look of slate, tile, brick and cobblestone. Central Coast Concrete Inc. guarantees that the supplied concrete will meet the specified properties in accordance with CSA. Central Coast Concrete Inc. is not responsible for freeze-thaw damage as a result of the installation process including the top layer of stamped concrete.

MAINTENANCE TIPS: Salts and de-icers applied to concrete surfaces (either intentionally for ice melting or unintentionally from road slush) can cause pitting, spalling, and scaling of concrete surfaces. Cleaning concrete of road salts and application of appropriate concrete sealer is part of normal home maintenance.


Low shrinkage concrete reduces cracking and curling in concrete slabs when used in conjunction with proper curing and jointing procedures. Reinforcing fibers may also be added to the mix to further reduce shrinkage cracks and improve impact resistance. Low shrinkage concrete complies with CSA by maintaining a maximum drying shrinkage of 0.04% @ 28 days.

IDEAL FOR: Architectural slabs and floors, architectural topping slabs, industrial floors, parking garage decks, bridge decks, ice arenas, swimming pools, containment structures, water treatment structures, and residential slabs.

BENEFITS: Reduces or eliminates cracking, improves appearance, increases joint spacing and lower life cycle costs.


Pervious Concrete is designed to allow water to flow through to base materials. This is an aesthetically pleasing, highly functional and environmentally friendly option for a variety of pathways and parking areas. An open cell concrete with a range of 15 to 25% voids, allows for a flow rate of 120 – 320 L/m2 per minute. When rainwater naturally filters into the soil, storm water collection systems can be reduced or eliminated. Pervious Concrete uses a 6.0mm aggregate to provide a smoother surface profile while maintaining good aggregate interlock for improved durability.

IDEAL FOR: Pedestrian walkways, driveways and parking areas

BENEFITS: Reduces quantity and contamination of stormwater runoff, reduces, and sometimes eliminates, the cost of stormwater management systems, reduces surface temperature and heat island effect, decreases lighting requirements and qualifies for LEED credits (SS 6.1)


FlowCrete provides optimized slump control and superior mix performance by utilizing superplasticizers to achieve the desired slump without compromising concrete strength or set time when used with any of our concrete designs. Concrete is often specified at a slump of 80 mm +/- 20 mm or less, these slumps are typically too low to ensure proper placement.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of the process and offered a range of slump options as a part of our FlowCrete program. Available in slumps of: 110, 130, 150, 170mm maximum.

IDEAL FOR: Pumped concrete, slabs, walls and columns with congested rebar.

BENEFITS: Maintains strength at higher slumps, enhances workability and placeability, increases pumpability at island effect.


Hardcem has strength and durability built right into the mix, making it ideal for high wear applications.

Available in air-entrained and non-air-entrained mixes, Hardcem features uniform hardness throughout the full depth of the slab, not just the surface.

IDEAL FOR: Wear, abrasion and impact resistance, commercial, industrial and heavy industrial floors, parkades, bridges and interchanges, interior and exterior ramps, dams, dykes and spillways.

BENEFITS: Available for all applications and suitable for a variety of mix designs, as well as being compatible with all finishing applications.

Hardcem also reduces labor costs, eliminates performance inconsistencies typically experienced with other types of hardeners, and eliminates hardener delamination.



SCC Concrete is a highly flowable, non-segregating concrete that easily spreads into place, fills formwork, and encapsulates even the most congested reinforcement. It is placed purely by means of its own weight with little or no mechanical vibration.

SCC Concrete provides these benefits while maintaining all of concrete’s customary mechanical and durability characteristics.

Significant research has led to the development of a robust flowable concrete that meets challenging performance requirements.

IDEAL FOR: Architectural applications, topping slabs and congested reinforcement.

BENEFITS: Architectural quality concrete for walls and slab, flows readily through congested reinforcement, available in high early age strengths, enables flatter slabs, improves productivity and reduces labor costs.


Is frequently selected due to the quality, speed and convenience of its application. It is suitable where other construction methods are difficult or impossible such as elevated, confined construction and vertical excavation applications.

ShotCrete is equally suitable for new construction and for use in the rehabilitation or seismic reinforcing of existing structures.

ShotCrete designs can be suitable for architectural, below water-table and fiber reinforced applications.

IDEAL FOR: Slope stabilization, lining for tunnel walls, structural walls, structural columns, structural beams and curved walls and arches.

BENEFITS: Reduces construction time, reduces forming and placing costs, solution for limited access applications and allows single-sided forming.


Slump Extension maintains the slump of the concrete for two hours from batching through the use of specialized admixtures and counteracts the typical rapid slump loss experienced during hot or warm weather, providing extra assurance against cold joints and poor surface finish.

IDEAL FOR: Large house foundations, slabs poured in hot or warm weather, applications with an extended placing time and concrete where workability is critical throughout the pour.

BENEFITS: Extended working time and reduces or eliminates slump loss.

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